Friday, 20 May 2011

Surprising results from our CCSVI online survey

The following are the results of our survey on CCSVI that has just closed. Surprisingly only 10% of respondents thought that CCSVI is the cause of MS. Almost a quarter of people think it is an established disease. In medicine we define a disease when we can correlate the clinical presentation and course with a specific pathology; the so called clinico-pathological correlate. At the moment we don't have enough information to make this call in relation to CCSVI; CCSVI is therefore is a non-disease at present. The latter situation may change with the emergence of new data.

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  1. The most serious advocacy is led by Dr. Ashton Embry (Dr as in Phd and not MD...).
    In fairness, he builds quite a solid case pro-CCSVI.

    He - and other contrarians - have a solid base of loyal followers (mostly people under served by the mainstream medical community).

    I guess that this schism may explain the irrationality of your survey's findings.

    Thanks again for your *online* knowledge sharing efforts.

    Antoine B.


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