Friday, 10 June 2011

The Bottle Neck in MS Drug Development

I would like to stress that there is no shortage in potential drugs for treating MS; this includes both the relapsing and progressive phases. The problem in my opinion are the costs associated with drug development, the lack of a tried-and-tested rapid phase 2 trial for assessing neuroprotective therapies and  the lack of focus on preventative strategies. The following is a figure demonstrating the current bottle-neck in MS drug development:


  1. Up to date list

  2. Thanks! The list in this link makes you realise how active the field is. Unfortunately people with progressive MS don't see this necessarily as a positive due to the length of time it takes to develop a drug. By the time something pops out the end of the pipeline their MS has progressed too far or their healthcare system won't allow them go onto the drug because of economic reasons (NICE or rationing) or safety concerns (EMA).


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