MS in the Media: Scotland and Vitamin D

Prof E from Oxford wants to give Prof G a Christmas a present and has caught the media limelight with their desire to try and prevent MS by treating with vitamin D.

Prof E believes that the rates of multiple sclerosis are so "dire" in Scotland that essential foods should be fortified with vitamin D. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (should we really believe this?) he says the Scottish government could face legal action from people who go on to develop MS in future.

Prof Ebers' efforts to convince the Scottish government and its top health advisor, Sir Harry Burns, that the whole population needs to take vitamin D has so far come to nothing .

As Scotland has the highest levels of MS and the cost of giving enough vitamin D supplementation is a few pence a person a day. Surely it must be worth it to invest in this health issue, if only to just shut Prof E and Prof G up!