Sunday, 29 January 2012

Barts and London Research Day

A Big Thank You
All the People that Attended the Research Day Yesterday

Hope you All Had a Good Day and a Safe Journey Home


  1. It was a very well organised, informative day. Thank YOU guys for organising it all!

  2. An equally BIG THANK YOU
    to you all for organizing this event.
    I will certainly try to come back next year....And you even got the weather sorted out,(must have been Maria) so all in all a wonderfull weekend in London.


  3. Ditto all the above. Fantastic day. Well organised and highly informative. Loved the new format too!

  4. Thanks to everyone who contributed to an amazingly informative day communicated in accessible (but not patronising)language and manageable chunks.

    I couldn't bear to miss any of the main talks (and fatigue prevented staying at the end) so didn't get to any of the lifestyle discussions, but am very grateful for the opportunity to learn about the latest research.

    Thanks again !


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