Idea: carbon monoxide in multiple sclerosis.

Fagone P, Mangano K, Coco M, Perciavalle V, Garotta G, Romao CC, Nicoletti F.Therapeutic potential of carbon monoxide in multiple sclerosis.Clin Exp Immunol. 2012;167:179-87.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced during the catabolism of free haem, catalyzed by haem oxygenase (HO) enzymes, and its physiological roles include vasodilation, neurotransmission, inhibition of platelet aggregation and anti-proliferative effects on smooth muscle. In vivo preclinical studies have shown that exogenously administered quantities of CO may represent an effective treatment for conditions characterized by a dysregulated immune response.

The carbon monoxide-releasing molecules (CORMs) represent a group of compounds capable of carrying and liberating controlled quantities of CO in the cellular systems. CORMs may represent a novel class of drugs with disease-modifying properties in multiple sclerosis.
Any type of "alternative" therapy usually involves easy access to the type of treatment. As you can all get you hands on carbon monoxide, it is important to say CARBON MONOXIDE KILLS. If it was so good why is smoking (source of carbo monoxide) not a good thing for your health or MS. .....Sorry this is a light hearted post for the weekend in response to this serious paper and further work is needed to see if the idea has merit.