Saturday, 3 March 2012

Happy birthday

We would like to say Happy Birthday to the Mouse Doctor

If you want to learn, follow him from fear to eternity and even if you are not running free, there will not be wasted years. The final frontier is better knowledge and less bad science.
He is taking Flight 666  on Ed Force One to somewhere, he will be back in time to have the "piece of mind" to deal with matters of life and death. In case you wonder, he is away in Hawaii Five- 0 !
(Well, this is a mix of gibberish and maidenish)

From all people in Team GB

 (some of the Giovannoni-Baker people)
"To infinity and beyond!"


  1. Enjoy your holiday Mouse Doctor and Happy 50th Birthday!
    Thanks for all your work on this blog and with the mice

  2. Happy Birthday, Mouse Doc.

  3. Happy Birthday Mouse Doctor; this one is for you:

  4. Happy Birthday Mouse Doc; another one for you:

  5. For you:

  6. A Happy B-Day to the mouse doctor!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to the MouseDoctor! Crank the Maiden up to 11! \m/


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