Sunday, 10 June 2012

CCSVI: News of Negative trial

You may be have heard that trial data is emerging from the press (ugh this is not where we should be hearing about this, science using the media for publicity is normally bad science) it is too early to really comment as we have yet to see the paper on this. But it is reported that this single blinded, must be said small, study detected no major effects although people having the venoplasty reportedly felt better, but just for a short time. A placebo? or is this what we saw with Sativex, the docs couldn't see a change but the MSers felt better...we know where Sativex ended up. But not good news for the CCSVI lobby.     

If correct that any positive benefit only lasts a few months (some will say the veins re-block) then other trials will no doubt fail as the outcome measures are at twelve months                                                                               

People are Sad in Newfoundland as this News means that the Province  
will no longer support sending people away for the Procedure