Brief International Cognitive Assessment for MS or BICAMS

In response to the lack of awareness in relation to MS-related cognitive impairment (see the results on the right of the current poll) we are participating in a new study to standardise the Brief International Cognitive Assessment for Multiple Sclerosis (BICAMS) in the UK. 

Aims: The project aims to validate a cognitive assessment tool for MSers living in the UK. 

Background: As you may be aware 30-70% of MSers are affected by difficulties with their memories and other thinking skills. However, cognitive testing can be a lengthy process and is usually only available at specialist centres and even then not everyone gets them. As a result MSers may be unable to gain an understanding of their difficulties that could enable them to compensate. This study seeks to show BICAMS is a valid, briefer assessment tool that could be used by a variety of health care professionals, making it more widely available. 

Who is organising the research? The research is being run by Alex Orchard, a trainee clinical psychologist, as part of her Doctoral Thesis and is sponsored by her University Royal Holloway, Egham, Surrey. The Royal London Hospital is the main participant recruitment site and Alex has asked us to see if you would like to take part. Taking part is entirely voluntary. Your choice to participate or not will have no impact on your NHS care at The Royal London Hospital or with any other healthcare professionals.

What is involved: If you decide to take part you will meet with Alex to complete various tests, which measure your attention, memory, language, visuo-spatial and problem solving skills. Participation takes about 2 hours and can be done at your home or Royal Holloway, which ever is more convenient. You may find some of the tests easy and others more challenging but most people find them enjoyable.

How to get involved? If you are interested in taking part please contact the neurology team at the Royal London informing them that you want to be screened for this study. More in depth information sheets are available on request. Please note that should you change your mind you can withdraw at any time without giving a reason.


Thank you!

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