Thursday, 27 September 2012

Research: Early Inflammatory Control helps you work more

BACKGROUND: Multiple sclerosis (MS) constitutes one of the major diseases that leads to neurological impairment and as a consequence also reduces ability to work.
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to analyze possible effects on work ability resulting from highly active anti-inflammatory treatment in MS.
METHODS: We analyzed the effects of introducing an anti-inflammatory treatment, natalizumab, in MS, on factors related to work ability. This was done through a comprehensive questionnaire distributed to all patients in Sweden starting on natalizumab treatment between June 2007 and May 2008, identified via the Swedish National MS registry.
RESULTS: MS patients who were receiving sickness benefit and were treated with natalizumab approximately doubled their working ability in relation to their total employment rate. We also documented a significant improvement of their ability to cope with work-related requirements after one year of natalizumab treatment, an improvement which was independent of the previous level of employment. Predictors of a positive effect on work ability were short disease duration, younger age and lower Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) grade at treatment onset.
CONCLUSIONS: Our data support the notion that early inflammatory control in MS is essential to preserve a healthy state in MS that counteracts the negative consequences of the disease both at a personal and at a societal level.

There are some people that seem to think that dealing with the immune response is a side-issue, yet this study demonstrates that if you can deal with this, in this case with Tysabri, as early as possible then you are going to feel better and this is going to help you go through a normal daily life and this includes doing a job. The earlier you get effective disease control with DMT the better.


  1. A pity NICE don't take studies like these into account when decided what can be prescribed and when. It seems like start with the cheapest and work your way up, and the long term costs of not acting effectively early enough are ignored.

  2. I Totally Agree with You...The costs of MS are more than just the costs of the drug and this should factor into NICE's equation.

  3. but does tysabri cure severe fatigue, often the main reason why people with MS are unable to work??

  4. For some people tysabri I understand that tysabri is the biz with regard to fatigue.

    However until a cure is found some peole will do better on some drugs than others. If you deal with the disease I thing some of the causes will be removed.

    Prof G may have more to say

  5. but does tysabri cure severe fatigue, often the main reason why people with MS are unable to work??

    Many patients I have met who were on Tysabri said that probably the most significant thing they noticed was that their fatigue disappeared and they felt better than they had done in years.


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