Monday, 17 September 2012

Undiagnosed MS: That's another fine MS you've gotten me into

Your posts said our statisitics do not take the likelihood that there are MSers out there who are not diagnosed. We are certain this happens and if you watch this video you see one such example.

This was part of of our Reasearch Day 2011 and you may have seen it before....maybe not

Whilst making a film initially about Stem Cells, Team G helped the filmers learn about MS and did some bits in the lab, as stocking fillers for the film. The film makers had a presenter for the film who was the one of the founders of Viz Magazine and a Comedian who was the presenter for the film. 

The editors wanted to film a session (ethically consented) to see what a Neurologist does doing a diagnosis..............but it all went t*ts-up. The footage of Neuro given the diagnosis is real!
But before you view.....for our non-UK readers Viz Magazine was a Lads comic that was very popular in the 1980s and full of crude schoolboy-toilet humour and black comedy). It was not for anyone that was easily offended and featured: Johny Fartpants, Sid the Sexist, the Fat Slags and many more. By todays standards this is not very PC (politcally correct) it wasn't then either that's why people loved it.

So you can understand the video the Radio Times was a TV listing Magazine for BBC TV and the TV times was also a TV listing Magazine for ITV, the other TV company in the UK at the time. Mastermind is a BBC quiz show that tests you on specialist (of your choosing) and general knowledge. 

If you are offended by (Comedian) language that is not the Queens English do not listen!

         This was the beginning of Simon's Second Journey with MS.

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  1. You people are amazing. Not only did you come up with an example in less than 24 hours but it's a really interesting example. Even though I knew it was coming, my heart sank when he was diagnosed.


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