Blog News. Comments Being Moderated

Dear All

Apologies to our civil and sensible posters for the nonsense that is occurring at the moment. Hopefully normal service will resume, once the children have got bored.

I guess it is time to limit postings on you-know-what again, because it brings out the worse behaviour. My cover or should I say alter-ego has been blown, yet again!. I'm not sure how to react. Guess I should give up fishing :-), and start running?
For the time being comments are being moderated, so for the trollers, we do not want you here! 

Please be patient, comments will be posted eventually, but it's the price we pay when the few idiots start this nonsense and irritate everyone. 

The Twaddle will end up in the Spam Bin and not be seen by the Readers.

P.S. I have put on a better outfit so I look better, when some of you send my pic to David Cameron again no doubt.