Friday, 12 October 2012

ECTRIMS 2012-Living it Large

DrRuth another of our roving reporters is feeling abit queezy, with the lavish at the Company Turf as they up-it from last year, and sends these pics from across La Manche. At some stage these chairs will probably end up in the bin as the next years set is built. 


  1. I would suggest that the lavish expense incurred in setting up these stands every year (I was at ECTRIMS last year) would be better spent on R&D or reducing the prices of drugs but I'm just a cynical South Walian socialist!
    As it is, meeting desperate MSers then seeing this lavish expenditure leaves a bit of a nasty taste in my mouth.

  2. No sign of Prof G. Hope he hasn't overdosed on foie gras and champagne!

  3. Maybe he's a bit hurt because of the rough comments from Day 1 report? It was meant to be funny but went a bit wrong. C'mon Prof G, we miss you on this blog, you're alright, stop hiding.

  4. He should leave the jokes for me :-
    Best comedy duos have a straight one,

    Prof G has a big Day tomorrow, presenting highlights of the meeting...whats he going to say?...Suspect we won't know until tomorrow.

    Look out for the curve ball:-)

  5. I don't think that Prof G is hiding - just crazy busy as ever... This ECTRIMS has been interesting, I think pharma more ostentatiously present than before, hence the photos.

    But on the positive side what it does do is give MS docs and researchers a chance to all meet in the same place, which is a rarity. Hence trying to cram in as many meetings as possible in the few days. Looking forward to a return to normality next week though.

    Ruth (too tired to work out how to post with my account!)


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