Friday, 12 October 2012

ECTRIMS-DAY 2 and a half- Progression

From the NMSS. Hear Sir Jeremy leader of the MS-STAT trial.  London's own Chatty man. 


  1. Richard Reynolds in this talk(from about 48 secs on) says that they've discovered that inflammation in prog. MS does not stop, just changes position. WBCs accumulate in the tissues surrounding the brain. It moves into the brain and stays there.
    Could this mean that if you have alemtuzumab in RRMS which should stop inflammation, it halts one of the arms of progression- although I realise you still have loss of nerve cells

  2. This hard to say it.

    Alemtuzumab will deplete B cells in the blood but he question is does it kill B cells inside the cerebrospinal fluid. I am not sure if this information is to hand as we need to know if the antibody gets in the brain. This is one view of progression not everyone agrees that that the B cell follicles are a reality, few other pathologists can find them. Also these follicles are linked to progresion ie SPMS and you do not use Alemtuzumab for SPMS


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