Friday, 12 October 2012

ECTRIMS-DAY 3: Protecting Nerves

Todays Post from the NMSS. There are no drugs generally available for protection, but it is wrong to say there are no drugs available, there are, we just need to show that they work




  3. Anon 12:12 we have been through this beta interferon drugs don't work on progression story. I suggest reading the blog posts before wasting effort on this.

    Anon 12.27 If you want to see the adverse effects of beta interferon then go to the beta interferon websites and get the adverse effects leaflet.

    If you use the media as your information source be warned the media does not always interpret the original data source properly.

    Lastly if you are going to provide links please indicate why we should be looking at these or what question are you asking, other wise they appear as advertising and this is typically deleted. These links are to ancient posts and so are hardly worth commenting on I am afraid to say.

    Convince me that you are asking something that you are actually interested as it the posts have gone to multiple posts and and have arrived within minutes of obvious rubbish posts, now in spam.


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