Half a Million Hits-Thanks

Today, we have reached half a million hits. This would not have happened without you! Thanks.

From the first posts by Prof G in September 2009 with 11 posts a year to 65 posts in 2010. We (Team G) all thought he was mad, like any innovator. He prodded us to engage and we have come round to his way of thinking. We have had nearly 1,000 posts in 2012 so far. 

It was not until the skiing accident in April 2011 that Prof G began daily posts. This was done due to being stuck in the skiing lodge, whilst Mrs G and the kids were on piste. Through May-July Prof G and the people from www.shift.ms had Team G learning to BLOG and speaking to MSers. They created the Mouse and MD & MD2 were let loose on the world of social media at the end of July 2011. This was done whilst Prof G (as I put it "You have dragged the horse to water ...and pushed it in") was on holiday and MD was not told that 2 or more posts a day was not the norm. I note that the rise in hits plateaued at that point,.I know you like Prof Gs posts the most (we can see the number of views). I can live with that...his are more relevant, but Mine are more fun.....No Comments. At the beginning of 2012 we had just over 100,000 hits and are now breaking 50,000 hits a month.
We have a truly global audience from all continents across the globe. We get more visitors from outside the UK than in it. However, there are a lot more MSers out there, so we have space to grow. The BLOG has impact and you have helped us get studies off the ground. 

Thank you for your participation on behalf of Prof and Team G. 
A million hits here we come!