Medical Sale Professionals. Are they always Professsional

As we know members of Pharma Read the BLOG
Maybe you can Pass this on.

For All you Sale Professionals out there, 
Your target customers are reading what you write on blog posts. 
Think before being a potty mouth and an Idiot in Public.

This is not a plug for the site but if you use it,
be respectful as you may put your companies in a bad light

"Who gives a s**t how many MS patients end up with brains turning to mush because of this drug, just as long as those bonuses keep coming in"

(there is no guarantee that this actually was written by a sales professional, but this is not the type of public post we want to see and is not very professional. What does it say about the site?) 

P.S. What is the second generation Lemtrada..that is not a Me-Too
Any Ideas?...Just a Sales Pitch?