Tuesday, 23 October 2012

MouseDoc & The Not so Great North Run

Sponsor the MouseDoc for the "Not So Great North Run"

All Proceeds to go to the Neuroscience Nominated 2012 Charity.
This is Aims2cure-Where Every Penny Donated Goes to Research

For those of you who don't know the MouseDoc, he is Size Lard and this may be the chance to help kill him off, by encouraging him to do a half marathon. This is 13.1 miles (21.1km).

Is he fit?...fit to drop I would say.  When was the last time he did a 13 mile run........Well Never! Why would you want to do that? Especially when carrying a sack of spuds (In American= potato or in Dan Quailian = potatoe) on your belly?

But could he pound the Streets of Newcastle for the Great North Run?...........Not Really, unless he wants to end up unable to walk or in severe pain at the very least. Too Much Stress on a Knackered Back.
If you are like me, I can't run and certainly I can't run round the streets or parks, so why not join me and do something different and help raise money in my Not So Great North Run on 9th December 2012, which is the day of the Santa Run 2012.

Alternatively if you or a friend actually want to do the Santa run, why not support the MS Trust click here or MS Society click here  where you can run in Greenwich Park, London and do 5km (3.1km) or 10km (6.2km) in a Santa Suit.  However, check areas where you live, as there are loads of other Santa Runs on or around that day. 

My travel is not going to be in the North of England round the streets of Newcastle but North London in a Gym. There I aim to travel the equivalent of 13.1 miles on a Low-Impact Cross Trainer.  There will be no Santa Suit, I'll never get one to fit!  No doubt a bespoke MouseDoc T shirt.

Why don't you join me and pop down to your local gym, if you are a member, or do something else. Set yourself a goal: 1km, 5km 10km, 13.1miles etc, swim, cycle or something else. Get yourself sponsored and donate to my charity or another of your choosing. We can't all run but we can do our bit.

If you want to join me on the Just Giving Donation Site, we can form a team, if I can work out how to do it!

Just Giving: www.justgiving.com/MouseDoctor
Text: MDOC50 plus amount (£x) to 70070 ( for 1, 2, 5 or 10) I tried it on the Mouse Phone and you can even do gift aid so they can get you tax back off the UK Government)

As a well know UK supermarket says: "Every little helps" so even a quid (that's one pound to Americans/Europeans/Asians/Australians  etc.) would be much appreciated.


  1. Hey MD, don't do yourself a mischief, will you? It's great that you're going to raise some much needed funds for MS charities, but please do some gentle training beforehand - the world of MS research needs you! And good luck...

  2. MORE MONEY AGAIN !! your are all full of greed and corruptions to the CORE

    1. God forbid that any money is made for MS charities, eh?
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. Whilst I know this is spam, I thought I would post it anyway. Maybe this will embarrass the person doing this into stopping

      You think it is greedy to raise money for charity...you really are a pl**ker my friend and I am being very polite here.

  3. MD, please take care of your bloodpressure etc. I have every confidence in you but please don't overdo it. You don't need to be thin to be great!!!

    1. 120 over 84 at the weekend....I am told that is OK.

  4. Isn't it dangerous to go to 13 miles from nothing? Unless you've been training on the quiet

  5. keep drinking the BEER !!

    1. This post is from our trolling friend no doubt....Same MO.
      Not sure if they are suggesting that beer is a good training aid. Or that I shouldn,t bother doing this.
      Good to see the charitable spirit is alive and well in trollingland

  6. Am your drinking partner !! keep drinking you need it

  7. I LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM I admire and would love ... and I will PARTICIPATE IN HEART WATCH MUCH FROM MEXICO ... =)


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