Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Name that neuroprotective trial

Drug companies spend loads of money paying marketeers to come up with drug names and acronyms for clinical trials.
As you know Team G and UCL partners have been awarded funds to do a trial on performing serial lumbar punctures (spinal taps) to monitor the effect of a neuroprotective drug (oxcarbazipine) currently used in epilepsy on progression in MS can you come up with an ACRONYM. After all it is your trial, we could not have done this without your help.


  1. The LOVE Trial; Lumbar punctures to assess Oxcarbazepine in secondary progressiVE multiple sclerosis.

  2. I've got a simple one:

    'Neuroprotective Oxcarbazine for the Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis' or...


    Can you give us some idea of how/why you think this drug will be effective in preventing/delaying progression? How long will the trial take?

    1. We have experimental evidence that the drug can be neuroprotective, but we cannot say it will be effective that is why we do the study.

      See the video on the blog to explain

  3. Or the LIVES trial - I changed it a bit if one chooses not to be so lovey-dovey ;-) but it's just a modification of the above (no copyright infringed :-)

    Lumbar punctures to Investigate the effects of oxcarbazepine in secondary progressiVE multiple Sclerosis. short for LIVES.

  4. That's a good one! And, no, I hadn't realised you had been successful in being awarded funds for the trial. So is that using the mechanism you had put forward and was initially rejected, ie using a more modern way of doing LPs, that should be less unpleasant than the usual?

  5. This has a nice ring to it: SLUMPOMS - Serial LUMbar Punctures with Oxcarbazepine to treat Multiple Sclerosis.

  6. Weird but memorable?


    Serial LUmbar Punctures to monitor the effect of Oxcarbazipine on progression in MS

  7. I hope these trials work. We need an effective treatment for progressive MS.

  8. What do you think about

    PROXIMuS - PRotective role of OXcarbazepine in Multiple Sclerosis

    It sounds optimistic, suggesting that a neuroprotective treatment is close :)

  9. SLUMP - serial lumber uncomfortable punctures

  10. Is the Proximus trial ongoing?


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