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As you know we do not allow advertisements on the BLOG, or at least we try not to promote them. However, we do like to advertise the stuff that Team G does. 

Whilst the BLOG is for MSers and their families we also know that their are many non-MSers that read the BLOG. Some of these are students we know this because we tell them to read it:-) and some of these are clinicians This bit of the post is for you. 

How do we know that? You just have to see that the number of hits from France increase during ECTRIMS 2012 in Lyon to see that. 

Therefore, if you are seeking a stocking-filler for your grey-suited Neurology Friend, during the festive season, DoctorRuth & Prof G have just the present you need! It's full of lovely pics and pieces from Team G so you can review what's hot and what's not in the work of multiple sclerosis. It provides vital bits of info for anyone interested in MS. Give it to your GP and tell them to learn. It would make a lovely Coffee Table book. I am sure DoctorRuth's mum has one already 
Available from and good bookshops
ISBN 978 1 84692 096 7 and even on Amazon UK
(Pre-order now)
For MSers and their family and friends who want to know about MS, but cannot be bothered to spend hours on the computer. Then DoctorLove and her Beau have created something just for you!

Books are fun but if you want the kindle version you can get it for your e-reader.

The publisher says "The Facts addresses the most frequently asked questions about MS, and provides answers in an easy-to-read and accessible format. The book is an invaluable resource for people with MS, and their families and health care workers will also find it a go-to guide to help understand the disease more clearly". 

So get it and have a right riveting read.

Available from Open University Press, Oxford

ISBN 978-0199652570 and good bookshops. Again available from on Amazon USA and Amazon UK (check out the contents)