All Party Parlimentary Group for Multiple Sclerosis

Minster for Health; Jeremy Hunt (Constiuency-South West Surrey) 

Did you know that there is the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Multiple Sclerosis who aim To promote the interests of people affected by MS.  Now we know who to lobby

Chair               Lord Dubs
Vice-Chairs     Stephen Lloyd, David Amess

Treasurer         Pamela Nash


James Gray – Con

David Amess – Con

Bernard Jenkin – Con

Chris White – Con

Lord Bowness - Con

John Hemming – LD

Stephen Lloyd – LD

Annette Brooke – LD

Lord Jones of Cheltenham – LD

Graham Brady - Con


Catherine McKinnell

Joe Benton

Paul Blomfield

Tom Blenkinsop

Richard Burden

Michael Dugher

Pat Glass

Clive Efford

Pamela Nash

Lord Dubs

For Non-UK readers. Con does not mean criminal/convict but Conservative party and LD is Liberal Democrats and not Linkage disequalibrium :-)
My MP is a Cabinet Minister so getting response could be interesting