CAM-THY trial and website

This trial is still recruiting so if you think you are eligible please ask your neurologist to refer you to Cambridge! The aim of this work is to make Alemtuzumab safer, by preventing or reducing the incidence of autoimmune complications of alemtuzumab. It is in everybody's interest for this to happen! 

The purpose of the CAM-THY trial is to try and prevent side effects of alemtuzumab (formerly known as Campath-1h). Although alemtuzumab is an effective treatment of MS, it has side effects; in particular 1 in 3 MSers develop a new autoimmune disease after treatment. 

When alemtuzumab-treated MSer's immune systems recover or reboot themselves, it begins to attack other parts of their body; most commonly the thyroid gland. Dr Coles, in Cambridge, believes that they can reduce the risk of autoimmune disease after treatment with alemtuzumab by using a drug which alters the way in which the immune system recovers.

If you want to find out more about the trial or Lemtrada/Alemtuzumab/CAMPATH-1H click here

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