Research Day Initiative: Question Time

Question Time is a topical BBC television programme that debates current issues in the United Kingdom, based on Any Questions? The show typically features politicians from at least the three major political parties as well as other public figures who answer pre-selected questions put to them by a carefully selected audience. Question Time is currently presented by David Dimbleby.

We intend to have a "Question Time" as part of our Research Day, where you the Blog Readers will supply the questions to a selected panelists from UCLP. It will be filmed and posted on YouTube, so for those of you who can't be there here is your opportunity to take part.

We need a chair, who can spot the mushroom food from the Panelists.

Could this be you VV as arch rival of the establishment here is your opportunity to take part? Do you travel? Are  you out of the closet?You would need to come to London and not be intimidated by Neuros and Scientists?
Contact Prof G!

Please use the survey below to set questions for the panelists!

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