Donating Your Brain

 Let the Dead Teach the Living!

Have you considered donating your brain? 

If you are wish to donate your brain, whether Healthy or With MS
Please Contact the UK MS Tissue Bank

The UK multiple sclerosis Tissue Bank has prepared some information for you in the format of answers to questions that we have often been asked. Please do take some time to read through the pages, it is vital that you feel you have sufficient information to make the important decision of whether to become a tissue donor. Also, please discuss your bequest with your family; it is essential that they do not have any objections to your wishes. If you or members of your family would like to discuss any aspect of tissue donation, you are welcome to contact Manager of the Tissue Bank by telephone on 020 8846 7324 or e-mail on

retrieval of tissue

I have just found a comment from a Berieved Person wishing to Donote their Loved Ones Brains for Research. 

If you are considering donating your brain to Science...Albert Einstein should consider this as early as possible and make your next of kin aware of your wishes. Please contact the Tissue Bank. If you do not live in the UK, there are many different brain banks around the world, or leave a country and I will find an address for you. This process needs ethically consent and be appropriately documented.

Remember: LIFE is a sexually-transmitted disease with 100% mortality.

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