Sunday, 23 December 2012

Unrelated Blogger Comments 23

Sometimes you want to say something that is unrelated to the threads. This is a spot for You. Previous comments can be got at on the posts on the right of the main page.


  1. I just watched the shift-ms q&a with Prof Siddharthan Chandran. Compared to people who comment here he is cautious about remyelination.

    Here is part of what he said:

    "Roughly we think that repair of myelin is a bit like putting plaster on a damaged area, and that if you can do that, it's protective, just like plaster.

    The question is, how protective is it, and does that protection really stick and last. We don't know the answer to that definitively, but indirect evidence is that it will be protective and slow deterioration. So the idea is, you've got a nerve that is damaged, and if you put down the remyelination or this plaster, you slow that nerve dying or breaking up. So in that sense it's protective.

    Will it stop the disease? I doubt it.

    Will it reverse disability? Technically, no. But indirectly it could certainly assist in the wider process of repair and plasticity, which can help reverse disability.

    But fundamentally, putting down new myelin is about protection rather than stopping disease or reversing disease."

    So it's not too different from what Prof G says: Treat early to prevent damage.

    1. He also said that it will be at least 10 years before remyelination drugs become available for general use outside trials.


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