Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Unrelated Blogger Comments 26

Sometimes you want to say something that is unrelated to the threads. This is a spot for You. Previous comments can be got at on the posts on the right of the main page.

We may be a bit slow responding over the festive period. Please be patient we will get back to you ASAP!


  1. Good morning and merry Boxing Day! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day!

    I'm being kept awake by partying neighbours, so was scanning the news and saw this:

    - Simple eye scan can predict how quickly Multiple Sclerosis patients will decline
    - Scan measures thickness of lining at the back of the eye: Those with thinning retinas had earlier and more active forms of M.S.

    As it's in the Daily Wail I've no idea how current or relevant an article it is, but I thought I'd post it!

  2. I think we did this a few weeks ago but maybe another study. This is abit yes and no. The more active your disease in the brain the more active your disease in optic nerve and eye may be. However it is a correlation and this is noot absolute.

  3. Dear Posy
    i think this is anew story just published in neurology so i was wrong. However my comments are valid.
    May prof g can post it.


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