Sunday, 20 January 2013

Survey Results How to Refer to Someone with MS

#MSBlog: How to refer to someone with MS? Is this the definitive survey? I doubt it, but let's give it a try!

"The survey results are clear; MSer/MSers or a person or people with MS are the clear winners. The message is loud and clear you don't want to be referred to as MS suffers, clients or patients. People living with MS is also not appropriate and is not suitable for referring to post-mortem studies. We have now written these results up and will be submitting them to a journal. Hopefully, we will get the wider MS community to adopt these results and start using these terms." 

"Thank you for helping us with this survey."


  1. Wouldn't people here at your site be influenced by the fact that you use the term MSer?

    1. Re MSer

      I would hope so; but our problem is with the editors and reviewers of major MS journals. People or person with MS is okay by me as well. This is not a battle that needs to be won or lost; time will judge what is best.


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