Natalizumab will have one owner; good or bad news?

NEWS RELEASE: Biogen-Idec will terminate its collaboration with Elan, the Dublin-based drug maker that developed Natalizumab, and buy Elan’s remaining 50% interest. Going forward, Biogen-Idec will control all marketing and distribution rights. In exchange, Biogen-Idec will make a $3.25 billion cash payment to Elan and will make future contingent payments to Elan equal to 12% of Natalizumab's global sales for the first year. After that, Biogen-Idec will make contingent payments of 18% on annual sales of Natalizumab up to $2 billion and 25% on annual sales that exceed $2 billion.

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"MS is clearly a lucrative field to be in as a pharma company. No wonder there is so much activity in the field."

"Are you surprised how well Natalizumab is doing despite the PML scare?"

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