Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Poll result: "our" lumbar puncture trial has a name!

"The oxcarbazepine trial in SPMS has a name. Thank you."

PROXIMUS - PRotective role of OXcarbazepine In MUltiple Sclerosis

"The results are quite interesting; not  only did PROXIMUS get the most votes it also had the best profile on the Lickert scale with majority voting for 4 or 5, i.e. excellent."

Other posts of interest in relation to the PROXIMUS trial:

07 Feb 2012
This study reports the preliminary findings about your views on the potential of having repeated lumbar punctures as part of a novel trial design. Prof G made a video for watching before taking the survey. This indicated that ...
05 Jul 2012
A big hurdle to overcome to do this trial is whether or not MS'ers are prepared to have lumbar punctures as part of a clinical trial. To assess this we have prepared a short education video describing the trial design and how we ...
25 May 2011
Why repeated lumbar punctures to assess neuroprotective trials? In response to one of the comments from my posting in relation to disease outcomes. In MS damage to nerve processes called axons releases proteins into the ...

24 Oct 2012
As you know Team G and UCL partners have been awarded funds to do a trial on performing serial lumbar punctures (spinal taps) to monitor the effect of a neuroprotective drug (oxcarbazipine) currently used in epilepsy on ...
09 Aug 2012
Without your help we never have got it funded; you provide the necessary data to convince the reviewers' that MSers are prepared to have multiple lumbar punctures as part of a clinical trial. This study will involve a ...


  1. How do you expect/hypothesise the oxc... to work, and be effective in its neuroprotection?

    1. Oxcarbazepine is a sodium channel blocker. Sodium channels seem to be upregulated in MS and may contribute to neuronal death so if the results from our animal studies are repeated inhibiting these channels may prove to be neuroprotective.

    2. There are some posts last year about understanding progression, search education and you can see the logic.

  2. There is strong evidence that this study should be called "PROXIMUS" ;)


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