Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cladribine extension study results

"My third poster at the AAN today. I want to cry when I look at the results of the CLARITY extension study and the ORACLE (cladribine in CIS) study. Cladribine is a very effective DMT, it is easy to use, has  a favourable short-term safety profile and is an induction therapy. It is an alemtuzumab-like drug without the post-treatment autoimmune safety issues. Why didn't Merck-Serono wait for these results before making a decision to pull the plug on the programme? MSers are being denied a very effective therapy. I wonder if this  is a drug that can be take through the Big Pharma Alternative (BPA) route or if some other Pharma company could buy the drug from Merck-Serono and take it forward? Help!"

CoI: multiple

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  1. I wrote to my Member of Parliament about the BPA
    and got a response in a day, maybe this is a way to lobby. They have forwarded this to one of the ministers lets see what happens.

    Maybe we should start a e petition with 100,000 signatures they have to debate it.


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