Friday, 5 April 2013

Sponsor a Dendrite to Make a Neuron

Queen Mary have an active Public Engagement programme and have the  Award winning, Centre of the Cell (orange blobs = dividing cell) that provides a Science Education experience for School Children (click on centre of the cell to book a free visit)

The new plan (click) to make a Neuron Pod, 
providing they can get donors.
For All our Corporate Viewers 
Maybe you Can Sponsor a Dendrite or eight
For All our Non-Corporate Viewers 
Maybe you can Sponsor a Dendrite (Branch of the Nerve)

For more information about how you or your organisation can contribute toward Centre of the Cell, please contact Director Professor Fran Balkwill : / 020 7882 3587


  1. Is this where we are to be housed? ;-)

  2. Well it looks like they have removed all the desks from the rest of the building...

  3. It does look like you will have to fight your way through dendrites to get to work!

  4. I wonder how long it would take before it is completely shrouded in wind-blown discarded plastic bags? I suspect that Will Allsop may not have thought this through!


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