Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Top 10 posts in March 2013

  1. Guest post: FUMADERM and PML – can we make conclus...
  2. The INSPIRE Trial: the Charcot Project launches it...
  3. STREAMS TRIAL: stem cells in rapidly evolving acti...
  4. BG12 will cost $54,900 annually
  5. BG12 given the thumbs up: 1st line oral DMT
  6. PML and fumarates
  7. BG12 is effective within 12 weeks of starting trea...
  8. Pharma behaving badly in San Diego
  9. Cladribine CIS study
  10. CCSVI March 2013
"Can we learn anything from the most clicked on posts? Possibly! BG12 is clearly of interest in particular its safety; I note readers were particularly interested in the cases of PML on fumaderm. Trials are of interest; I am glad our INSPIRE trial is top of the pops - we are about to screen our first MSer for this trial. CCSVI still attracts attention but is clearly fading in interest. And what more can I say about Pharma behaving badly? Hopefully they will start behaving well; we need them to."

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