Friday, 10 May 2013

Hitting Hard and Early

Prof G was leading a Debate at MS Frontiers Yesterday 
        That we should be "Hitting hard and Early".

The motion was "There is compelling evidence that early treatment of MS leads to long-term benefits for the MSer and this should be considered the "norm" in clinical practice".

I think Prof G was Robin Hood and Gave the Sheriff from Nottingham a bit of a beating

But before having time to Gloat as he is competitive debater, he found his prize was 3 hours of travelling.....maybe the Sheriff had cancelled his room.

It seems that things like to challenge this view, will NICE actually be Nice and give MSers the choice?


  1. Who opposed the motion, ie, who was the Sheriff of Nottingham (at Frontiers)?

  2. Hitting Hard and Early can ONLY work if the side effects can be managed Hard and Early as well.

  3. Programme


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