Friday, 28 June 2013

Is MS a whole brain disease?

MS is a iceberg within and iceberg within an iceberg. #MSBlog #MSResearch

"I am at a specialist MRI meeting in London. More thinking time; a precious resource. The meeting is focusing on MS as a whole brain disease. It is clear that MS is not only on iceberg, but an iceberg within an iceberg within an iceberg. What happens clinically is a fraction of what is seen on MRI and what is seen on MRI is a fraction what is seen under the microscope."


  1. You know how to cheer up my weekend! How come the more you study this disease the worse it becomes? Last week it became a dementign disease, this week a whole brain disease. All I wna tis to be rid of it / put it to bed. Any good news? neuro-protection? Repair?

  2. Yes, I'm beginning to get a bit scared with some of the findings/comments recently, especially as I know that whatever I think and say, I'm not going to be given the option of second-line drugs. I feel I'm on the borderline of wanting to keep informed but liable to be seriously spooked by it all. Inevitable, I guess - sometimes it just hits you how very serious it all is.


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