Saturday, 20 July 2013

Achtung Achtung

ProfG has just burst my bubble 

Well forget my post about MSers coming to the blog to get a bit of good news!.

Apparently we had about 2,500 visits from Germany that day to read The Earlier the Better all about the post on beta interferon in CIS.

Was it Ute who is on hols in Bavaria and finding 2,499 new friends or 
Anything to do with the the fact that the homeland of the makers of the particular IFN1b in the post was Germany 

This is the site where Pharma gets its news.

Anyway hope ProfG enjoys the beach.

You have the basic fact but you come to different conclusions.
It's just like Research

I should done delved deeper before making the comments.


  1. ...or you might just have been hit by fake stats via one of the zombie spammers

  2. So someone is controlling google......makes a change:-)


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