Friday, 6 December 2013

Can we prevent MS?

MS is a preventable disease. #MSBlog #MSResearch

"The following is the programme for the meeting I spoke at this morning. I was trying to make the case for MS being a preventable disease and that we need to act now. Any more dithering and we will condemn another generation to the ravages of MS."


  1. Why haven't you reported on the news that NICE has stated it is not yet convinced that alemtuzumab (also known as Lemtrada) should be available on the NHS in England and Wales? NICE has called for further evidence from the company marketing the treatment, but their initial decision is that there’s not enough evidence to say alemtuzumab would be ‘cost effective’ for the NHS to provide.

    Where is this going, Prof G? It seems the momentous year promised years ago is never going to materialise.

    1. I'm sure the FDA decision will have influenced this.
      Link to this story here;

    2. This is seriously bad news. In the run up to an election year, one wonders what will become of NICE's stance on Lemtrada? What happens now, MD2? What are its chances of becoming a British first line therapy for MS?

    3. Sorry we are not always a News Channel, our roving reporter ProfG has been elsewhere.

    4. I agree bad news as choice is being limited

      NICE's job is to get the best deal for UK PLC and this often involves bartering.
      Maybe Sanofi were being too greedy...maybe not. So they will go back again and have another round of discussions.

      I am sure it will arrive as a therapy but the regulators are delaying this. At what cost to the MSer?

    5. No comment. The NICE document is confidential and should not be discussed in the open.


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