Clinicspeak: questions to ask your neurologist

Questions to ask your neurologist. #MSBlog #MSResearch #ClinicSpeak

"At the NEDA meeting in Las Vegas it was proposed that one way to drive a change in practice is for MSers to ask their neurologist the right questions! I will be posting answers to these question over the next few weeks"

"The following is a list of questions you may want to ask your neurologist when a decision is being made about starting a disease-modifying therapy (DMT) for treating multiple sclerosis (MS)."

  1. What is multiple sclerosis?
  2. Are you sure that you have MS?
  3. What type of MS do you have? 
  4. What prognostic group do you fall into? 
  5. What is the risk of you not being treated with a DMT? 
  6. Do you have active MS? 
  7. Am I eligible for treatment with a DMT? 
  8. Do you understand the difference between the treatment strategies of maintenance-and-escalation and induction therapy?
  9. Do you understand the concept of treat-2-target of no evident disease activity (NEDA)?

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