EAE work in Europe gets the chop

There is a big move to reduce animal work. The government may think the way to do it is via legislation and ethical review committees. They are wrong, the simplest way to do it is by Economics.

The Government has made Universities do full cost recovery. So where they used to subsidise animal houses by paying staff as service units, now it is the users who pay. 

The costs go to crazy levels so people stop using them because they cannot afford to do it and the charities cannot afford to pay the price asked. This makes the unit cost even higher and so on and so on.
Probably the biggest user of animals is Pharma and with macro economics it is cheaper to move their animal testing facilities either East or West because of economies and less legislation, that protects animals.

Without pharma buying animals, the animal supply companies cannot make money on some animal strains. So they give them the chop.

This has happened or is happening to MS mice....my little babies. BiozziABH RIP.

The squeeze continues