NICE or Nasty

MS# Research New drug for MS in UK.So it is Amber for Alemtuzumab, Green for Aubagio does that make Sanofi see Red.

So not a great few months for Alemtuzumab, first the recommendation that Alemtuzumab is effectively a third line drug in the US and recently NICE have sat on the fence with a not enough information as leaked on the wire

When reviewing the evidence for alemtuzumab, the Appraisal Committee of NICE concluded that there were still questions to be answered. This is why they have requested more details from the manufacturer; to ensure that we have the information the Appraisal Committee needs to reach their conclusions."

They are not satisfied about cost-effectiveness so the ball is batted back into Sanofi's court, maybe for a bit of price adjustment.

On the plus side Aubagio has got the green light from NICE so now Beta interferon and Glaterimer acetate has an oral competitor.

Is it time for NICE to look at the bigger picture, rather than just cost of drug or are they doing UK PLC a favour?
Maybe more from ProfG when he gets back from his travels....