Saturday, 29 March 2014

Digesting Science Did You Miss the Research Day Today?

Today was one of the Research Days held by UCLP at Great Ormond Street the Home of the World Famous Children's Hospital.

We have been doing Digesting Science for Children of MSers, if you have not seen it, check it out but today some members of TeamG did Digesting Science for Children with MS.  This was organised by Alison and thanks for all her hard work. 
                 ProfB was showing off his brain and eyeballs
Dr M&M strolled through the Treatment Options, Annie kindly took time out from her holiday and what was DrMark doing with a rubber policeman?
Remember the next Research Day is 14 June 2014


  1. What's a rubber policeman so type of blow up? :-)

  2. A rubber policeman is a cell scrape so that you can remove sells from plastic

  3. I noticed some of the presenters said the Blizzard Institute is located in White Chapel. I think this is where Jack the Ripper did his dirty deeds. This can't just be a coincidence.

    1. Yes and the site of the Blind Beggar, where Ronnie Kray of the Cray Brothers shot George Cornell in front of witnesses.

      It is also home of the Royal London Hosptial..I believe Europes biggest hospital and site of London's major trauma centre

    2. There was some speculation that Jack the Ripper was a medical doctor. I have to wonder if one of his decendants is currently working at the Blizzard Institute? Possibly as a research scientist or neurologist.

    3. I doubt it as most of the researcher and neurologists do not originate from London and in fact the majority of TeamG are not-English.

      William Blizard (one Zed/Zee) was one of the earliest teaching surgeons, and founder of the 'London Hospital Medical College' in 1785


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