CCSVI II? Hormone replacement Hope or Hype

There have been some interesting reports about sex hormone therapy and progressive MS.  Can you get you hands on hormones?

There are always Dogey Docs out there

We know that sex hormones are very effective at controlling MS as before the advent of Tysabri, pregnancy was the most effective treatment against MS and a host of other autoimmune diseases. In the female oestrogen therapies are being investigated for the men testosterone.

Could testosterone affect progression maybe, there have been some promising reports, but there is not sufficient evidence there at the moment. However, look at the graph above and you could easily make a link.....such as EPO (erythpoietin) which may also have neuroprotective potential. 

However as you can see testosterone treatment does many things, some you may want (Swing) and some you may not. With hormone therapy...dose is very important and it is essential therefore that research is done to work out if it really does work, is it safe and what is the correct dose?

Without proper documentation we get nowhere, if every one having CCSVI was in proper register, we would know if there was merit in it.