Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Copaxone generics on the way

Copaxone (Glatiramer acetate) is currently the biggest selling MS drug, which is a $4.2 billion blockbuster. Although invented in the 1970s it is amazing that it is only now that some of the patents are expiring and many companies are in hunt waiting to get a slice of the pie. It appears the legal hurdles impeding the launch of a generic version of multiple sclerosis (MS) drug Copaxone have been cleared by the US Supreme Court....let the price battle begin or is that in my dreams?....Or will another cartel emerge?

Though two generics teams- Novartis/Sandoz & Momenta Pharmaceuticals, and Mylan & Natco Pharma are now free to move forward, they'll have to fork over infringement damages if Teva ultimately prevails in court.


  1. MD what about Synthon? Does that make it 3 generics?


  2. Yep they did a phase iii we reported on this a few weeks ago.
    so the generics take on a generics company (Teva)

  3. So finally MS drugs will start to become affordable. Yeah right.

    1. Yep cartel and price fixing abit cheaper. Look at the so called interferon generic not that much cheaper.

    2. Yes, it's strange how the market theory espoused by Adam Smith, where "competition" is supposed to drive down prices, singularly fails to operate in the pharma sphere, where the strategy seems to be "charge what the market wil. stand". This is particularly bgalling as the generics companies cannot claim they are recouping development costs etc.
      It's a cartel.


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