RRMS- Placebo Controlled Trials are they Ethical

There are currently over 9 different licensed therapies for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

In the Year 2014 is it really ethical to undertake placebo-controlled trials for a number of years in relapsing-remitting MS?

Why, because we should know that a substantial number of people will develop relapse and accumulate damage and possible deficit as a result?

How many more MS pharma-sponsored trials are going to be placebo-controlled?

Should ethical committees take a stance on this?

Is it ethical to go to countries to do trials were there is no access to DMT,  just so pharma can use placebo to get clearer results

Should Neuros say no,there are hundreds that don't..is it ethical not to do it?

Maybe whilst Neuros are Sipping Mai Tais at the American Academy of Neurology AAN meeting in America they could mull this Over.