Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Clinic speak: dysphagia survey results

Swallowing problems in MSers; commoner than I expected. #ClinicSpeak #MSBlog #MSResearch

"I note the post on swallowing problems from the 18th June is still very popular. The following are the survey results. It is interesting that most neurologists don't discuss this with their patients. I suspect they don't want to tell you about how bad MS can get and would prefer you to find out about it later in the course of the disease. What is quite surprising is that quite a few of you have symptoms suggestive of swallowing problems. Could this be another issue I am failing to address in my routine MS practice? I must admit I don't ask every MSer each time I see them about swallowing problems."

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  1. At one point, my swallow was so bad, the only foods I ate were carbonated, ice cold or very warm liquids. I even had trouble swallowing my spit. It turns out one can lose 13 lbs. in six days drinking milk shakes and sodas. However, losing that much weight so quickly is generally frowned upon unless competing on Biggest Loser. In any event, I was admitted to the hospital for steroids and that trip got me off Copaxone onto Tysabri. So I look back on that particular symptom with some mixed emotions.


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