Thursday, 31 July 2014

PLEG RIDY arrives in Europe

It has been announced that the European Regulators have approved Plegridy for MS.
Plegridy is an interferon drug, the same type of treatment as Biogen Idec’s first multiple sclerosis therapy, Avonex. While Avonex typically is injected into the muscle once a week, Plegridy can be taken by injection once every two weeks and administered under the skin with a prefilled auto-injector. 

This is a pegylated interferon.PEG poly ethylene glycol is an anti-freeze, but in this application it causes the interferon to hang around for longer. So less injections......more patent life

So another interferon on the market, which makes it hang around longer,but doesn't make it work better. So just as the Patent life of avonex for MS comes to an end, it has metamorphosis into a new product..surprise, surprise.

What a name...who comes up with them? 



  1. Coke, classic coke, coke zero........IFN beta, IFN beta/pegylated, rebif.........


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