ECTRIMS This week

ECTRIMS/ACTRIMS travels to Boston this year to the home of many MS pharma, even Swiss/German companies have based their MS work there.

Let's look forward to this years meeting. But posts may be erratic

This is when many of your neuros get clued up for treatments available to you. 

They may have some R n R too, but they also use this time to reflect, to set up new collaborations and discuss new ideas. 

However, as the treatment options get bigger the competition gets stronger. I suspect the red queen will be hard at work (Pharma spending more to remain in the same spot) and there are record numbers of bits of work being presented. 

I am sure many of you have been through the ACTRIMS 2014 programme already.

Are there any highlights that you want to know about? -As we can't be in different places at the same time.

Phase I stem cell trials maybe? or the stuff that the companies are doing....However, they have been sending out press releases already, so we know what's coming from them.

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