Friday, 12 September 2014

Got a new job...Lets go lard

ProfB has been busy this week and had an extra new job directing the brains of MS at ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS

Would you think they could read a map.

Its amazing what Neuros can't do and what Pharma 
Need to do for them :-)


  1. As ever you seem to be doing all the work. Prof G is very quiet. Are you sharing a hotel room with Prof G? If so, careful, if you need to use the toilet during the night!

    1. I have seen ProfG. We were supposed to meet up for a night cap on wednesday...after getting back from 7pm meeting... but could not wait for the the 10pm meeting to half past midnight. I saw him on he walked past me onto the way to another meeting and when he was on stage presenting last night and now on stage when he chairing. Whilst these meetings are about accumulating information there are lots of meeting going on.

      I suspect ProfG will need a rest after the meeting is finished.


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