Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How to get involved in Burning Debates at ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS

It doesn't matter if your an MSer, a MSologist, a nurse or if your just interested. Anyone can get involved in our social media sessions at ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS this year. We will be running two different types of events throughout the conference, Burning Debates and Question Time Hangouts everyday! Even the President of ACTRIMS is excited about it.

How to get involved in the Burning Debates:

The three debated topics will be:
  1. The Only Way is Pharma: Academic trials go nowhere 
  2. Repair from within or outside in...is transplanting stem cells the best way forward?
  3. Early effective therapy is the only way.
If your not attending the conference, you can watch the debates on the conference website. The live streaming link will appear when the debate starts.  If you have any comments or questions then please tweet them to us using #burningdebate as the chair of the debate will be keeping track of the twitter activity. 

If you are attending the conference, come along to a Burning Debate where two experts in the field will debate a hot topic each day. Be warned - you can only vote for or against the motion via twitter (so people watching at home have a fair vote). So, if your a Neuro and not on twitter sign up now!

After each speaker has argued their side and questions have been taken, the Barts MS Blog Twitter account will tweet two tweets: one FOR the motion, one AGAINST. The tweet that has the most retweets will WIN the debate.

Schedule for Burning Debates (Boston Time):
  • Wednesday 10th September 15:00-16:00 
  • Thursday 11th September 15:30-16:30 
  • Friday 12th September 15:00-16:00
Schedule for Burning Debates (BST):
  • Wednesday 10th September 20:00-21:00 
  • Thursday 11th September 20:30-21:30 
  • Friday 12th September 20:00-21:30


  1. I will be watching.

    Must say my heart sank a little when I read the MS Society will be running the early affective therapy debate. I cant seem to find any push for this on their website and their views always come across somewhat conservative to me.

    Will the stem cell debate include HSCT?

    1. A representative from the National MS Society will only be chairing our early effective debate - they will have little influence on the two speakers presentations. Arguing for this motion will be Professor Timothy Vollmer and arguing against this motion will be Dr. Raj Kapoor

  2. Burning Debates? Where to have dinner in Boston? Try the "laahbsta" role at Neptune Oyster. The debates probably won't amount to much but at least you'll be well fed (the lobster is top notch):-)

  3. Will the sessions be archived for later listening if we cannot tune in live?


    1. Yes - they will be on our YouTube channel:


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