Pipped to the Post

Science is competitive...are you the first person to publish the view, which may help you get that grant. The grant bodies want you to be open about your work and so now loads of people are putting their posters on the web.

So if you want to see what was published at ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS you can click here.  

However when you submit to ECTRIMS the data is supposed to be unpublished. Whilst people will photograph the contents of the poster on their phones or tablets, you are giving your results away to the world....I met a friend this week where their PhD student did a thesis. The universities put them online as soon as they are accepted, before it was officially published..... They were gene hunters and had information of a gene causing a disease. The science competition working on the same subject...saw the thesis, repeated the study and published the work, getting the first publication. So hats off to the people publishing their data so other people can pipp them to post.