One poster asked what are the Rules of Engagement and how to post. What are the do's and importantly don'ts of posting a comment.

Many moons ago you will remember that you could post at will, you would post and it would appear. There could be some heated discussions. 

However, invariably posts particularly on CCSVI would attract destructive Trolls...leading to all comments being moderated. This means they are slow to arrive and depending on content may not arrive at all. 

Some we may remove even after posting, because we have not thought the issue through enough. If we have time we may redact them.

ProfG has developed a defense mechanism against rude posters, others have not. However, this does not mean it is a free for all. We are not here to be punchbags and we may bite back, because we are not wet blankets. However, we may get our wrists slapped for that too.

The views present on this Blog are those of the authors and have nothing to do with QMUL

We do not do the blog by Committee....We are human and we make Mistakes

We may have moments of bad judgement and we apologise for this

We do not get paid by Pharma for doing this Blog
(However. see our conflicts and judge accordingly....remember ProfG consults for most MS-related pharma)

Pharma do not control the content...this is based on current research news. We do not control this.

All contributors do so Voluntarily.
We are not all Seasoned Campaigners and being rude to People
New to the Blog, May mean they never return.

We do not monitorize the Blog.
We do not make money from the Blog
Such Posts will be deleted if they are not already caught by the Spam .

Explain what the link means, as we have to check them

It really helps if you do not start your post...
Amazing are so ace etc, etc as this is normally followed by "read myblog at website" or "come buy my product" and as we can not see the whole post until it is launched and posted, if a post starts with too much praise it may not see the light as these posts are spammed

We accept that sometimes we may be fooled into giving plugs 
Be careful of accusations that you make.

We have fought hard to keep the option of "anonymous comments".
 However, if push comes to shove even Google will give you up, as most emails/posts are traceable and it can be an criminal offence to troll.

You may be very disgruntled with neuro X or person Y or place Z that but please do not identify anybody or place related to any dubious thought, activity or practice. They may have no right of reply and you could be committing libel.
We realise that some people are seen as heros others less so we will try not to burst too many bubbles.
We realise that progress is not fast enough but we do not control the process
Please remember to think what detail you provide about yourself if you post under a name (remember it does not have to be your real name, however it you post with a name you get a persona..Is Dr.Dre International rap star...Doubt it).

We are UK centric this is what we know better, but our readers are global. Please excuse my bad Engrish, especially my phone posts

Avoid use of the TROLL font i.e. emphasizing certain points in upper case. This is disproportionately used by trolls and increases the chance of you post going to spam.
More to follow as ProfG may want to add a few