Finding out what Neuros get paid by Big pharma

"The Sunshine Act makes it possible to see which Big Pharma and medical device companies pay your doctor

At ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS there was business as usual but the industry stands were in stereo one for US Docs and one for the Rest of the World. The stands were rather stripped down compared to yesteryear. 

Whilst some companies still lavish corporate hospitality as part of their engagement with clients, this has essentially been removed from the pharmaceutical industry. The days of the company sponsored bar have hoo. This is especially the case in the US.

The Sunshine law is part of the Affordable Care Act, passed by US Congress in 2010. It mandates that every pharmaceutical and medical device company in the country annually disclose payments made to doctors and teaching hospitals for a range of activities  including promotional speaking, research grants, meals, and trips of at least $10 value. In addition, manufacturers and group purchasing organizations are required to report physician ownership or investment interests.

The companies had to  provide details to the federal agency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), about what they gave to whom and why, the amount and date of the payment, the name and address of the recipient, the associated physician ID number, the form of the payment (cash, services, stock options, etc.), and a few words about the context under which the payment was made.

Payments about medical doctors had to be reported but not nurse practitioners and physician assistants since the law doesn't require reporting on payments to these groups.

CMS made this information public in an online, searchable database that launched on September 30 2014."

Will this occur in the Europe maybe. Whilst this can be used for good purposes to inform, it will also lead to misconceptions

 No doubt this information will be used by malicious people as part of their attack on Doctors. We, notably ProfG, are subject to substantial malicious abuse, which may ultimately take down this blog. It is rather sad that a few misguided individuals can spoil it for the majority. 

I really wish they would go elsewhere and desist from their malicious actions

Maybe it is time to go Troll hunting? Any lawyer out there do Pro-Bono?